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“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

Parent Support Program

Parent Support Volunteers

Our Parent Support Program provides trained volunteers to assist and guide parents of newly diagnosed infants with Down syndrome who live in the metropolitan Chicago area. Our volunteers are all parents of children with Down syndrome. They provide new parents with:

In addition to assisting parents after the birth of their baby with Down syndrome, we also provide support and information to parents who learn of their child’s diagnosis prenatally.

If you would like to talk to a parent who has “been there” please call the Family Support Coordinator at (630) 325-9112.

“No one can understand the range and depth of feelings that accompany the birth of a baby with Down syndrome as well as another parent who has been there. And no one can offer more trustworthy evidence of hope, healing and survival as a parent who has accomplished those things can.”

—Lou Weiss, Ph.D., Psychologist and NADS Parent Support Volunteer Trainer

New Parent Packets

If you live in the metropolitan Chicago area and are expecting or recently gave birth to a child with Down syndrome, we will provide you with a packet of information about Down syndrome free of charge. The packet includes a book about Down syndrome, our specially designed booklet for new parents, “A Baby First,” and other helpful resources. This information is available through our Parent Support Volunteer Program or directly from the NADS office. If you are interested in receiving a new parent packet, please Contact NADS.