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“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

National Association for Down
Syndrome Honors our Founder:
Kay McGee

Kay McGeeIn 1960 when Tricia McGee was born with Down syndrome, Kay and her husband, Marty, were told to place her in an institution. They rejected that advice and took Tricia home and raised her with her brothers, Marty and Mike, and her sister, Jan.

There were no support systems then, no rights to education, no acceptance by society, but Kay, along with other courageous parents, ignored those who said their children couldn’t learn and didn’t belong in the community. With Kay’s leadership and vision, they built an organization that proved those ideas wrong. Because of their groundbreaking work, we have come to know the many and varied gifts of individuals with Down syndrome and to treasure them. Today the National Association for Down Syndrome is still advocating for Kay’s vision: the right of all children and adults with Down syndrome to live full, productive lives in their community. In addition to founding NADS, in 1973 Kay assisted in forming the National Down Syndrome Congress, and she was their first treasurer. The national movement then became international, and the latest international convention was held in Ireland in 2009.

We salute Kay for her lifelong commitment to those with Down syndrome. She and Tricia paved the way for all of our children. She has led a remarkable life and we will be forever grateful.